Friday, August 29, 2014

Gas Station Nostalgia || Chambray, Black Crop Top, and Lace Midi Skirt

Vintage Gas Station: Chambray top over black cross over crop top and midi lace skirt
Headband and black crop top with chambray button down

Whew, where have I been these last few days? Honestly, where haven't I been is the better question: I moved across the country, and I've been everywhere--up and down and stressed and overjoyed---all in the past 24 hours. Staring school again is exciting (I'm a huge nerd) but also a nerve-wracking experience in a totally new city with no one that I know. All of this has made me very nostalgic and homesick, in case you couldn't tell from the tint I added to these photos. I'm already missing my small rural hometown!

Lace midi skirt and white Converse
Chambray over black crop top and quartz necklace

Crop top: American Eagle (exact same one from River Island)
Chambray: Ross
Skirt: Macy's, similar here from Nougat London
Bag: Ross, another color here ($14)
Shoes: Converse (leather)

Monday, August 25, 2014

"I Look Ugly Today!" One Quick Trick to Rethink Body Positivity

"I Feel Ugly!" One Step to Body Positivity video

Body positivity has taught me that "your body is beautiful all the time!" But some mornings, when I look in the mirror, I find it hard to find anything to feel beautiful about. In my latest video, I talk about how to rethink body positivity and one simple trick that will have you feeling good about your body not based on how good you look, or how others see you, but based on the amazing things your body is capable of.

So the next time you're feeling "too ugly," "too fat," or "too sad" to feel beautiful, try an instant mental image makeover by reframing how you think about your body's so-called problem spots. Let me know what you think of the video, and if you have any future requests for video topics!

Edit: I reuploaded on my new channel, so for those of you who subscribed today, I just wanted to let you know that I've moved. Hope to see you on my channel!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Illuminati Pyramids || Leaf Print Skirt

I hope you have your tinfoil hats on tight today, kiddos, because I have photographic proof that the Illuminati has infiltrated fashion blogging. The Illuminati puppet you see in these pictures has obviously been undergoing brainwashing programming. Just check out the Masonic imagery in the background behind her: pyramids topped with an all-seeing eye. I also wager you can see a pentagram etched into her skirt pattern, symbolic of her plans to bring about a New World Order and rule the uninitiated and ignorant masses. Beware!

Parody of this website, which claims that JayZ and Rocawear Clothing are trying to bring about the downfall of civilization as we know it.

Shirt: MNG by Mango (old), similar embroidered peasant blouse from Bluefly (extra 50% off)
Necklace: Forever21
Bag: LoveCulture (old), similar Kate Spade green/navy striped bag on ebay
Skirt: F21 (ancient), similar leaf print skirt from YesStyle
Shoes: Via Spiga, similar here: Report Manuela (on sale)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Every Last Bit of Summer || White Off the Shoulder Ruffle Dress and Blue Huaraches

Necklace: Forever21 // Clutch: LOFT

Dress: Hollister ($20)

Shoes: Forever21, similar leather huaraches from Urban

Sadly, summer comes to a close for me today. I'm starting law school next week in Boston, and I have a feeling that Hollister's white off-the-shoulder ruffle dress is not acceptable attire for court. But before I jet off, I wanted one last photo shoot with the sun beating down on my shoulders, my feet in huaraches in the sand, and a blaze of sunset colors on my eyelids. See you next year, beach bunny Brittney!

Monday, August 18, 2014

U Are My Favorite || Graphic Tee and Floral Shorts

Slogan t-shirts are a dime-a-dozen, but sometimes you stumble across a shirt that just screams your name and fits your personality to a tee (so much pun). When I get surprised by someone's generosity or talent, I have a tendency to proclaim "You are my new favorite person!" or "You are my favorite!" This has led my friends to joke that I get a new favorite person each week as it suits my whims, but I can't help it if I'm easily excited. So, dear reader, today you are my favorite person. And other reader, so are you. Basically, I'm celebrating all of you with this t-shirt!

T-shirt: sold out, but there are several witty alternatives in the widget below
Shorts: Ross, similar here from Forever21 ($11.99)
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Ross, another color here from Roxy
Necklace: Forever21