Thursday, August 20, 2015

Law Firm Interviews - Pleated Pink Halter Maxi

I haven't posted in so long that I've started losing followers (Oh ye of little faith!). Recently, I've been involved in law firm interviews on campus, and this week, I will be flying out to law firms across the country to do callback interviews. Traveling and wearing suits for the next month means that my blog posts might be more sporadic, but those of you who stick around will get to see some pretty cool outfits. For instance, here is a floaty, pleated maxi dress that has accompanied me to all my callback interviews. After a long day of interviewing, I slip into this dress for dinner. Although the loose, swingy shape can be hard to wear, the fact that it covers any physical imperfections (and the beautiful way it moves!) makes me eager to try this silhouette.

Dress: Target. Same color version here, or dark fuchsia version here from JCP.
Sandals: Forever 21
Purse: Forever 21 (now in tan, red, white, and black)
Choker: Forever 21, similar one here also from F21
Necklace: Forever 21, similar one here also from F21

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Knock-Offs - Valentino Rockstud T-Strap Heels Dupe and Floral Scuba Dress

Chloe box purse dupe and sateen floral green dress
Valentino Rockstud nude sandals dupe
Green scuba dress with pink flowers from Calvin Klein
Valentino Rockstud nude heels dupe and knock off
Chloe box clutch and Valentino Rockstud T strap heels dupe
Cat eye sunglasses and Bobbi Brown Miami Pink lipstick
Dress: Calvin Klein. The same dress can be found in poppy print or watercolor print
Shoes: Nine West, black version here from Charlotte Russe
Bag: F21 ($22.90), available in tan, red, white, or black
Earrings: H&M
Sunglasses: F21 ($5.90)
Why am I wearing knock-off Valentino Rockstuds? It's a complicated story that started with last week's visit to the courthouse. I was attending a series of hearings with my supervisor, and had to go through security to get inside. I dutifully took off my shoes---a pair of old Talbots pumps that were peeling at the soles and the sides---and hastily stuffed them into a bin, hoping no one noticed the decrepit state of my heels. Just my luck: the security officer immediately pulls my bin out of the line-up. Mortified, I watch as two officers proceed to poke at the holes in the lining as if I had hidden contraband inside.

As soon as I got off of work that day, I immediately started searching for new shoes that wouldn't embarrass me in a security line. However, the only nude pumps that I could find within my budget were dupes for Valentino's famous T-strap heels. Although I know how tacky it is to be wearing knock-off's (plus all the issues with fashion companies copying each others' designs), I find that I really like the shape and look. No wonder the original Rockstud heels are so popular! At least the embarrassment of wearing Rockstud look-a-likes is nothing compared to having your old heels become a security threat. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Novelty Bags That Will Always be Novel - Critter Bags and Furry Clutches

Anyone and everyone knows that novelty items are my weakness: do I really need another purse shaped like a Pez dispenser or a furry monster? No...but am I going to get one anyway? Yes! Over the years, I've acquired animal-shaped bags, dessert-themed items, and I just ordered a faux fur clutch for fall (I'm calling it now: faux fur bags are going to be huge next season).

For those of you who go ga-ga for cute critter handbags, or those of you who love to tote around a kitschy slogan, I've rounded up some of the most novel novelty bags. You can click directly on the picture to shop the items, but you'll need to turn off adblocker first.

You can click directly on the items to shop if you have Adblocker turned off---no need for links today. Whew, cuts down on my workload!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cali Girl - Shimmery Slip Midi Dress

You know how fashion magazines are obssessed with the "French girl"? (The Parisian fashionista who wears all black and whose kisses smell like cigarettes and expensive perfume?) I have the same fixation with California girls (not like the Katy Perry song!) I love the laid-back, easy-breezy image of the Cali life. No shirt necessary, just a loose, shimmery slip dress and jewels that will catch the glint of the summer sun. Also, I want to indulge in the green-smoothie grind of Cali girl life, indulge in some overpriced ice cream, and consume all the sushi-burritos I can fit into my mouth. But I know that just like the "French girl," the "California girl" I have painted in my mind probably doesn't exist. However, if she did, I imagine she would rock this outfit all year-round.

Dress: I couldn't find this dress online, but since every Forever21 has different inventory, you might be able to find it in store. However, Forever 21 does have 3 very similar dresses: this embroidered-trim slip dress looks exactly like what I'm wearing, because the embroidery on the v-neck matches my scalloped bralette.

If you like the overlay effect on my dress, this sheer Forever 21 dress has the same idea. Also, if you want an even fancier version of my dress, this Forever 21 slip dress has fringe on the hem!

Bralette: Forever21, similar black one from F21 or blue one from Charlotte Russe ($10.99)
Necklaces: Marble choker || "Hamsa" hand necklace ($4.00) || long chain necklace
Ring: Infinity ring from Target
Bracelet: splurge || save
Purse: Forever 21. Only red, black tan, and white available
Shoes: Zara, similar here from Macy's
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Lips and cheeks: YSL 'Pink Hedoniste'

Monday, July 20, 2015

Little Town in the Middle of Nowhere - Arizona 3/4-Sleeve Lace-Trim Cardigan

Longline lace trim cardigan and Madewell Lafeyette mini bucket bag
Daisy patch shorts
Arizona 3/4-Sleeve Lace-Trim Cardigan
Forever 21 Embroidered lace-up sandals with tasselsHamsa hand necklace and ribbed crop top
For me, the world comes alive at sunset.

My parents live in a little rural town near the sea, in the middle of nowhere. If I'm lucky enough to make the drive at twilight, it is seriously a magical experience. The setting sun will light the amber fields on fire, and every passing lake seems like a portal to another sky, somewhere beneath the water's surface. As I'm passing through towns so small that their main street has a "feed store"---where the locals can be found outside a movie theater with flickering lights or the BBQ shop near the farm road with the windmill for a sign---I always play some Lana del Rey music so that I can relish in the nostalgia for as long as possible. Sometimes the feeling overwhelms me, and I have to get out near a broken-down gas station to take some pictures as the last of the light fades, because I'm scared I'll never see a world as beautifully and clearly as I do in that golden hour.
Cardigan: JCP (on sale for $28.99)
Top: Forever 21 ($14.90)
Shorts: Forever 21 ($22.90)
'Hamsa' Necklace: Love Culture, similar from Nordstrom Rack ($21.97)
Shoes: Forever 21 ($29.90)
Bag: Madewell