Friday, March 27, 2015

Pineapple Goddess - Pineapple Print Tassel Shorts

White crochet swim suit and pineapple print shorts with mini pom poms
Pineapple print shorts with mini tassels
Forever 21 white crochet swim suit one piece and head chain
Pineapple split front shorts with mini pom pom trim

"I don't get your outfit," one of the boys said to me during our spring break lake house trip (boys say this to me a lot). "What's on your head?"

"Doesn't she look like a goddess?" one of my girl friends replies.

"With pineapple shorts," the boy said.

Well, being a goddess of an amazing fruit such as the pineapple doesn't sound too bad to me, so I guess I'll take this title if no other deity wants it. You may address me as Madame Goddess, Protector of Pineapples.

Affiliate links follow:
Shorts: Charlotte Russe ($19.99)
Top: (it's a one piece crochet swimsuit from F21), similar here from Mossimo (($39.99)
Shoes: Old Navy ($22 with 35% extra off)
Necklace: 'Hamsa' hand necklace, here from River Island ($20)
Headpiece: F21, almost exact same here, also from F21

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Break Pt. 1 - Making a Furry Friend at the Lakehouse

Pineapple print shorts and white crochet swimsuit

Not only do cats have great eyesight and balance, but I swear they also have a special sense that identifies exactly who is allergic to them. Of course, cats being cats, they will then proceed to nuzzle and cuddle with said allergic person. On my spring break trip last week, I was both tickled by and tormented by a cute kitty during our week at an idyllic lakehouse. Along with spectacular sunrises, naps in the shade, and burger cookouts, it was a welcome break from the snow and stress here in Boston...

It was not easy getting to this lakehouse. My friends and I ran into trouble at the airport almost immediately; a delay for our first flight put us in jeopardy of missing our connection.

Our check-in agent was the most incompetent employee I have ever encountered: his response to our concern was "yeah you're going to miss the connection, can you step aside please, there are others waiting behind you."

We gave up trying to communicate with him and decided that one of us would try to run to the connecting flight and stall until the rest of our group made it to the gate. It wasn't the most sophisticated plan for us law students, but I was also traveling with some of the smartest people in the country, so I left them to worry about the details and took a nap on the first flight with my trusty neck pillow curled around me.

(On the left: My neck pillow is named Bun Bun and it has traveled to probably 20+ states with me. My hat is from H&M and I am wearing NYX's matte lip cream in 'Antwerp'. On the right: airport food in all its glory. To see my pics in real time, follow me on Instagram).

As soon as the plane touched down, one of my friends took off in a sprint, knocking down passengers and racing down the moving sidewalks. We made it to the gate to see the first friend arguing with the gate agent as they were cutting her off...luckily, my friend's persuasive skills were out in full swing, and the agents begrudgingly let us on the plane, 5 minutes after they were supposed to lock the doors.

Was the lakehouse worth the travel trouble? YES. The friend who owned the lakehouse had passed it off as a "cabin in the woods," but when we got there, we found out that "cabin in the woods" referred to a property containing 7 bedrooms, 9 million bathrooms, a foosball table, an outdoor fireplace, a Jacuzzi hot tub and a boat.

Another girl and I claimed the master bedroom immediately. After everyone cleaned up, we had a mini-house party, played some hide and seek in the ginormous lakehouse, and bought out a grocery store's stock of bacon in preparation for the coming days.

The next morning, I dragged myself out of bed at 6:40AM to catch the sunrise. Was it worth it?


The sunrise made the water glitter, the fresh air felt wonderful on my face, and a few early-risers also padded out on the dock to join me in quiet admiration. Don't worry, I immediately went back to sleep after I took this picture. At noon, I woke up to the smell of bacon (we had bought about 5 pounds of it) and I ate breakfast on the terrace, overlooking the lawn where my friends were sunbathing and reading.

I was perfectly content for the rest of the afternoon to lay on the lawn, reading a magazine. We tried to feed the ducks, but they refused to approach us (too bad, because they missed out on some great cookies). I had never felt so productive. I managed to tan, finish some reading, do some yoga, and give all my friends temporary tattoos.

And then...suddenly our relaxation was interrupted by a furry visitor. 

Since I'm allergic to cats, I haven't been around very many, but this kitty was one of the prettiest felines I had ever seen. Look at that shiny coat!

(Imagine 10 soon-to-be lawyers together. Now imagine them debating whether it was safe to feed milk to a grown cat. I'm sure we sounded nonsensical)

I've read that cats like people better who don't meet their eyes, which might explain why cats love to rough me up even though I try to avoid them out of fear of my allergies. I found one way to get "Rusty" (as we dubbed him) to leave me alone was to hide behind my camera lens.

Rusty followed us down to the dock, and since I'm bossy and pretty picky about how I want my pictures to turn out, I made a few boys carry a chaise longue down to the waterside so we could take glamor shots with Rusty. I don't regret my persistence though; I took some of my best pictures all trip on that chair.

Part two will be forthcoming soon!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ladylike Bow - Fashion Bloggers Breaking the Law

Camel coat and black neck bow tie
Oversized black bow tie DIY
Long camel coat and pink crossbody
Pink crossbody from Forever 21

I recently got approval from a law school professor to write my term paper on fashion blogging, unethical use of affiliate links, and consumer protection. Not only am I excited to peruse blogs as research, but I finally get the chance to write academically about a personal crusade: the need for bloggers to stop being shady about their use of affiliate links and sponsorships.

If you have had any experiences with fashion bloggers not following FTC disclosure policies on their blogs or Instagram, you should email me at to drop me a tip. To refresh your knowledge of The Law, check out my summary of regulations here. Although the thesis of my paper is probably going to highlight the murkiness of the law in regards to the relatively new phenomenon of fashion blogging, it's better to be safe and err on the side of caution when you post sponsored content. You have been warned!

Affiliate links follow:
Coat: thrifted, similar here from Dailylook (perfect for spring)
Blouse: F21 (old), similar here from Romwe for $12.83
Bag: F21 (old). Same shape bag here from F21 ($21.90, in black and white) or blush ladylike option here ($17.90)
Necktie: DIY, using ribbon from another shirt. You can buy an oversize black bow tie here from ASOS ($14.50)
Boots: Delia's, similar here from American Rag ($38.15)

Monday, March 16, 2015

What I Bought and Packed for Spring Break - March Budget Buys Under $30

Spring Break packing essentials - Budget buys

By the time you read this, I will be far away from the drizzle and slush, and on my way to balmier locales. Writing this post actually helped me pack--every time I finish with a spread, everything I just photographed just goes into my suitcase. If you are also on break, I hope you have a good time! (And if this Monday is just another Monday for you, I'll celebrate twice in honor of you! Kidding.)

Forever21 Botanical print bikini set for under $30
[ Swimsuit: Forever 21 Botanical Print bikini and side-tie bottoms ($17.90 and 12.90) ]

First thing I'm doing when I get off that flight: changing into this botanical print swim suit. Maybe I'll wear it under my clothes for an even faster outfit change.

Old Navy Huarache Sandals under $30

I've been wanting to buy Everlane's leather *handcrafted* sandals for a while, but for under $30, this Old Navy pair ($22) is a good dupe.

Two tone colored fedora with floral crown
An update on the traditional beach fedora: a two-toned version with a jaunty nautical stripe accent. To add even more visual interest, perch a floral crown on the brim.

Pineapple print tassel shorts
Pineapples  + pom poms = the cutest shorts to wear over a bathing suit. Best of all, you can buy a matching set (tank top and bottoms), each for less than $22.

Mint blue and hot pink bralette
[ Blue and hot pink: both from Gilly Hicks, old, similar ones from Victoria's Secret // Mint color: Walmart, same here from Charlotte Russe ($8.99) ]

When I'm not spending my time in a swimsuit, you can bet I'll be lounging with these cute bralettes on. 

Beauty products to pack for spring break
[ Batiste dry shampoo (voted #1!) // The simplest and cleanest Oil-free moisturizer // Happy Hippy shower gel // Essie 'Bikini so Teeny'

I don't really like to discuss beauty products on this blog, mainly because I'm very picky about what I use so my product rotation is pretty boring. My list of essentials hardly ever changes unless something new and amazing is produced. These are a couple of stand-by's that accompany me wherever I go.

Coalface by Lush Cosmetics
One new product that I'm trying out this month is Lush's 'Coalface' soap: made with charcoal, it's supposed to balance oily/combination skin, absorb sebum, and exfoliate. The smell so far is not spectacular (it is made with charcoal), but my face does feel squeaky clean afterwards. We'll see how it holds up during travel; the soft shape might prove to be inconvenient for packing.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Asymmetry - Black and White Asymmetrical Cut Striped Dress

Black and white stripe asymmetrical cut dress
Transparent clear see-through bag
behind the ear jacket

Disregard the snowbanks in the background of my pictures, because spring is in the air! I swear! I mean, I still have to wear tights during my commute, but I can take the jacket off and not die! 50 degrees never felt so warm. Coldness is all relative, my friend.

Coat: Guess, similar here from Michael Kors
Dress: Sears ($25)
Scarf: Marshall's (similar here)
Bag: boutique from 2 years ago
Necklace: old Forever 21
Earrings: F21 ($4.90)