Monday, March 2, 2015

Hot New Studs - Earring Trends

Earring trends 2015 spring

Outside, the slushy snowbanks tower over me when I walk next to them. Cars disappear overnight in a flurry of snowflakes. Given the crazy cold weather, and the fact that I'm wearing a hat most of the time, it seems odd that I've been on an earring-buying frenzy. But wearing some sparkly gems under my pom-pom beanie pumps me up for the day, even if I have to wait until I'm in the classroom to show off my jewels. Here are two kinds of hot studs that will be major trends this spring:

Geometric cube pyramid prism earrings

Triangle geometric earrings: Forever21 ($3.90) || Pyramid stud earrings: Ilycouture || Silver cube earring: Tang and Song || Complex prism earring: Topshop ($12)

For some reason, geometric designs remind me of summer. (Or maybe it's because of the magazine in the background of this picture). I can't wait to be wearing these geo beauties with a sundress and sandals.

      EAR JACKETS     
pearl and hamsa ear jackets

Faux pearl ear jacket: F21 ($2.90) || Triangle ear jacket: F21 ($3.90) || Hand ear jacket: Athra || Chain ear jacket: F21 ($3.90)

The ear jacket trend isn't dying any time soon, and I couldn't be more enthusiastic. I love having the other half of the earring peeking out from behind my earlobe. Bonus points if you mix and match ear jackets so that you have four different pieces going on at the same time.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A $60 Ladurée Brunch with Weirdly Scratched Silverware

Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise pastry from Ladurée
I'm a fashion blogger, as shallow as they come. When I hear "Ladurée," I think 2 things: 1) MACARON HEAVEN, and 2) I have to Instagram everything I eat there. So when I was able to sit down for brunch at Ladurée, I thought it was a dream come true.

Laudree brunch table spread
Laduree NYC Soho dining

The first thing I realized off the bat was why everyone only Instagrams the front of the store, where the macarons are lined up in neat, darling rows. The eating area in the back of the Soho store is a little more cramped, dark, and decidedly more British than French. In fact, the decor seemed dated, not charming, and the spotlights on each table were really unflattering for selfies. 

Laduree brunch at Soho NYC
Laduree tea and eggs with Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise pastry

After looking at the prices, I decided that I wasn't terribly hungry after all, and went with eggs, two different kinds of tea, and a delicious-sounding pastry. My friend ordered an omelette, and for 35 glorious minutes we were able to ignore the looming threat of the exorbitant bill as waiters in tuxes and ties danced around our table, tipping piping hot tea into our cups.

Saint Honore Rose Framboise pastry from Laduree NYC Soho

The highlight of the meal had to be the Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise pastry. I melted into the embrace of whipped cream, raspberry, fluffy pastry crust and sugar coating. It was a good 3 minutes before I resurfaced. Was this delectable tart worth the $11? For a moment, heck yes.

Laduree tea pot
Laduree omelette and Saint Honore Rose Framboise dessert

Still, delicious pastries aside, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was odd about the whole dining experience. I finally looked down at the silverware in my hands and noticed how scratched up the knives and forks were. The teapot also looked worse for wear, with a ding on the handle. Suddenly, the facade of Ladurée faded; I saw instead a worn out tourist trap, whose dated trappings belied their trendy reputation, a restaurant that took themselves too seriously to be interesting and instead, in my eyes, became cliche. No wonder bloggers took to Ladurée in droves. It was predictable, ever so safe, firmly genteel. 

The food was great, the desserts better. But for a $60 NYC experience, I would recommend anywhere else in the Soho area for a far more enthralling time.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Brooklyn Baby - Double Plaid

Double plaid - green and black plaid dress with camel coat
Camel coat in front of Brooklyn brownstone
Green and black plaid dress and Ralph Lauren Newbury bag
bright blue Uniqlo gloves
What to wear with camel coat and thigh high black boots

Pop culture has taught me that Brooklyn is full of hipsters, but all that I saw on my trip were very very expensive brownstones and apartments. In fact, my friend and I were extremely entertained by and engrossed in checking the rent for each of the houses that we passed. Let's just say that this trip dampened my desire to live in NYC...just for comparison, my rent in Houston (sharing a massive 2000 sq foot apartment) was $360.

Also, my sudden curiosity towards housing prices and house-fronts made me realize that I've gotten old; when I was little, I hated house-hunting with my parents and visiting furniture stores (I always laid down in the fake beds. Sorry, employees). Nowadays, I can't wait to expand into a place of my own. Ah, growing up.

Affiliate links follow:
Coat: thrifted, similar here from Dorothy Perkins ($55)
Dress: Uniqlo (sold out). Same pattern here from Brooks Brothers (hurry for sizes, $39.50)
Gloves: Uniqlo
Boots: Arturo Chiang "Everly"
Bag: Ralph Lauren "Newbury"
Lip color: NYC 16-Hour Lip Stain

Monday, February 9, 2015

Central Park + 5th Ave.

Red camel and black with nyc taxicabs
Camel coat and black and white check scarf
Red black and camel - camel coat over black and white check scarf
Red crop jacket over striped turtleneck

With New York a mere 3 hours away by bus, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to visit and indulge in shopping, good food (way better food than there is Cambridge, that's for sure!) and sightseeing. First up, freezing my butt off in Central Park before thawing my fingers in the tourist trap of 5th Ave.

Camel overcoat

Coat: thrifted, similar here from Miss guided (should be on sale for $76)
Red swing jacket: Macy's
Turtleneck: Forever21, identical here from Old Navy ($6.97)
Bag: Lauren Ralph Lauren 'Newbury'
Scarf: Marshall's, similar here from Charlotte Russe ($4.99)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quick Winter Update - Hot Pink and Floral

A quick blog outfit for you guys; these were obviously take before the giant snowstorm Juno. Trust me, the streets right now are not looking as clean as they do in the pictures...

I've been through some personal stress with relationships and school, and it's been weighing so heavily on me that this blog post has been saved as a draft for a few days because I don't have the heart to work on it. I try not to bring heavy personal items into my style blog, but I'll try to update more often next week. Perhaps I'll do a post on how to dress well while in the depths of misery? Hey, I made a joke, I'm on the way to recovery already!

Rain boots: Joules (same brand, but different print. Sold at Target)
Bag: Ralph Lauren 'Newbury'
Scarf: JCP, exact same color here from J Crew
Floral Blouse: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target(old) (found it here on ebay!)
Gray headband: Charlotte Russe, similar here
Lipstick: Wet 'n' Wild "Think Pink"