Monday, August 18, 2014

U Are My Favorite || Graphic Tee and Floral Shorts

Slogan t-shirts are a dime-a-dozen, but sometimes you stumble across a shirt that just screams your name and fits your personality to a tee (so much pun). When I get surprised by someone's generosity or talent, I have a tendency to proclaim "You are my new favorite person!" or "You are my favorite!" This has led my friends to joke that I get a new favorite person each week as it suits my whims, but I can't help it if I'm easily excited. So, dear reader, today you are my favorite person. And other reader, so are you. Basically, I'm celebrating all of you with this t-shirt!

T-shirt: sold out, but there are several witty alternatives in the widget below
Shorts: Ross, similar here from Forever21 ($11.99)
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Ross, another color here from Roxy
Necklace: Forever21

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Altuzarra For Target Collaboration Looks Disappointing and Impractical (With A Few Exceptions)

Altuzarra for Target collaboration Fall 2014

I usually love Target collaborations---I even raved about the Peter Pilotto x Target items when few others did. However, I just cannot get behind Altuzarra's latest designs for Target. And before you rip me a new one in the comments, hear me out:

Put your leg away, ma'am
Thigh-high slits are an Altuzarra trademark, but for a mass market collection catering to the everyday woman, I think the number of thigh-high slits in these designs is a little excessive.

Even I---a 20-something fashion fanatic in the target demographic for this collection---do not know what to do with a python print pencil skirt with a thigh-high slit. Do I wear it to the office? Nope, the print and slit took care of that. Do I wear it on a date---and risk them asking if I have a second job to get to?

Sssss... no thanksssss
And pray, for what event does one wear a full python skirt suit? Certainly not to court.
Altuzarra xTarget Snake Python print

Let's keep velvet in the 90's, ok?
What a beautifully tailored suit and pant combo. Look at the lovely details on that blazer!
Altuzarra For Target velvet suit
Altuzarra For Target red velvet blazer
Oh, what's this? It's made of velvet? Why, Target collaboration gods, why? Once again, in what season/setting do I wear a red velvet blazer? For fashion's sake, it's a unique find. But for a practical retailer like Target, seller of $10 t-shirts, these items seem doomed to languish on shelves unless fashion editors decide to make velvet blazers the trend of the year.

The most luxurious dresses you will find...on the clearance rack.

Altuzarra For Target floral dresses

When the images for the collection were released, I was surprised to find these dresses described as "sumptuous" and "silky." Because to me, not only did they seem pretty average (if past collaborations are any indication, they will likely be made of the worst kind of jersey fabric that clings to every bump), but they also seem like bargain dresses that you can find at outlets or discount stores:

Discount shop finds

Something about the overly large floral placement and the long sleeves just seems frumpy, not demure, and this is one place where the thigh-high slit won't help.

When designers knock off Forever21 instead of the other way around:
There's nothing wrong with the peasant type blouses and dresses in the collection. They seem harmless enough---except for the fact that they are sheer polyester peasant blouses like every other shirt in Forever21. 
I love the longer hemline on the dress, but don't know if I'll be picking these up, especially since I can find them in every other store for 1/3 of the price.

However, all hope is not lost.
Don't think that I'm completely dead-set against any of the Altuzarra for Target items. There are three pieces from this collection that I am excited to check out. Of course, my enthusiasm is tempered by the fact that most Target collaborations have been a disappointing whirl of polyester and pilling jersey fabric, but I'm holding out for these items:

Altuzarra For Target bird slit dress
The Japanese bird print is eye-catching without being overwhelming, and this is one instance where I wouldn't mind a leg slit (mainly because I can imagine wearing this to dinner).
Altuzarra For Target green trench coat
Who can say no to a well-tailored jacket? Please, Target, don't let it be made of an overly shiny jacket #collaborationwishes.
Altuzarra xTarget floral graphic sweatshirt
Now this is graphic florals done correctly. More of this, please, and I'll see you in stores September 14th.

Header from Annex Magazine. Other images created from pictures from Refinery29.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Big Announcement || Future Blog Changes

Boston Red Sox fan shirt and denim cut off shorts

I've been seeing a lot of wedding announcements and baby announcements on my Facebook and blog feeds (before you jump to conclusions, no, I am not engaged or getting married!). I do have a big announcement of my own, however: I'm moving to Boston/Cambridge to attend law school. It's my first move out of state for an extended period of time, and while I'm beyond excited and nervous, I'm also not sure what this means for my blog in the coming weeks.

I'll try my best to keep up my regular three-times-a-week posting schedule, although I still have yet to scout out where I will be able to take outfit photos. If my normal outdoor photos are not possible, I plan to supplement my with indoor mirror #ootd's and instagram outfits.

Luckily, I have plenty of ideas for the new kinds of posts I will be creating: for instance, my limited luggage space is perfect for a capsule wardrobe wrap-up. Also, NYFW is coming up, so you'll also be seeing a lot of reviews and trend predictions (like the one I wrote here about Jean Paul Gaultier's vampire-inspired couture show). If there's any post suggestions or requests, I'd love to take them now so I can work on them before I start drowning in Torts readings.

Ultimately, I aim to keep my blog up to date and a continuing source of inspiration and encouragement for you. I hope you'll stick around!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Flaming Hot || Striped T-Shirt Dress and Talbot Suede Almond-Toe Pumps

Casual t-shirt dress look with fiery shoes and turquoise necklace
Brown satchel and t-shirt dress || Talbots Kyla Suede Almond-Toe Pumps
T-shirt dress with brown satchel and flame red pumps
Talbots Kyla Suede Almond-Toe Pumps in "Flame"

Dress: Forever21, similar here from House of Fraser
Necklace: Forever21, similar here also from Forever21 (on sale for $9)
Shoes: Talbots
Bag: Forever21, back in stock! ($25)

I don't usually review purchases, but sometimes, an item is too good not to share. During college, I competed in debate tournaments across the country at least once a month---and let me tell you, lugging a laptop bag in spindly heels across campus from 8AM to 10 PM (we ate late night fast food more times than I can count) for multiple days will teach you exactly which heels not to buy, or which shoes you should keep buying for the rest of your life. I must have tried on and discarded about 15 pairs of heels and flats over the course of my four years!

Talbots Kyla Almond Toe Pumps in Flame

One of my favorite pairs of heels is from Talbots, so when I saw they had a sale recently, I bought these Kyla suede almond-toe pumps on a whim. When they came, I feel in love instantly: the bright orange-red, the soft suede, the leather lining---all for $31.99! Usually, I break in heels and flats for a few days before wearing them out, but I bravely chose to wear this pair for a full day of shopping. Did I chafe that first day? Yes, near my big toe. Did it hurt? Only after 4 hours. But by the second time I wore these, they were so comfortable that I didn't have to stretch them out with thick socks or anything.

What makes this particular pair so comfortable and conforming are the insoles (thick and squishy) as well as the sturdy, small 1" heel, which alleviates the "arch ache" that comes with completely flat shoes. I can envision myself pairing this pair with a ton of future work and casual outfits, after spraying them with some suede protector, of course.

Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Protect and Polish Forever21 Costume Jewelry || One-Step DIY with Clear Spray Paint

How to protect your forever21 costume jewelry with clear spray paint

I almost didn't want to write this post because my home was burglarized recently, which means that the jewelry that you see here is no longer with me. But I found it funny how the burglars ran off with my cheap costume jewelry, thinking that it was much more expensive than it really was. So, I'm warning you now: doing this simple, one step DIY to protect your costume jewelry might actually result in people breaking into your home for your shiny baubles. Undertake at your own risk!

Tired of the gold polish coming off of your Forever21 necklaces and bracelets? Stop them from rusting and tarnishing early with a simple method for protecting your cheap costume jewelry. As a broke college student, I can't afford anything better than Forever21, so I want to keep these items as long as possible.

You will need:
  • newspaper
  • clear spray paint
  • clear nail polish (I use Sally Hansen)
Now this next part is really complicated, so stay with me: you need to lay your jewelry out on the newspaper outside and spray it with the spray paint (hold the can about 6 inches away).

Clear spray paint and clear nail polish to protect cheap Forever21 costume jewelry

Whoa, did you get that? Do I need to do it again in slow-mo? I hope the steps are outlined clearly enough :P

Prevent your Forever21 costume jewelry from tarnish and rust with clear spray paint

Now let your jewelry dry for about 4 hours before taking it inside (or else it will still reek). I told you that this was an easy one-step DIY!

A couple of other tips to help maximize the life of your costume jewelry:

  • hang your jewelry separately or use a jewelry divider to prevent tangles and scratches
  • use a earring tree or earring birdcage ($20) to keep pairs together
  • for complicated pieces, like tassels or lockets, use the clear nail polish to coat every crack and detail

Not only does this method keep your jewelry shiny, but I also feel more comfortable wearing my pieces because the spray paint acts as a barrier between me and Forever21's possibly lead-contaminated jewelry. It's hard to avoid lead when you shop for cheap jewelry, so I guess I should start transitioning to better quality items---which should be easier now that I am starting my jewelry collection from the ground up.