Friday, January 23, 2015

Snow Damask - Winter Dress Style How-To

Revlon colorburst balm stain in Crush
Long knee length camel coat and black and white checked scarf
Winter outfit idea - layering dresses over button down shirts
Winter styling for your wardrobe - silk shirt under a v neck dress

If I look carefree and nonchalant in these pictures, it's probably because my smile is frozen to my face. Taking pictures outside in the wind chill and snow has proven to be a test of endurance. (I luckily had a friend with me for this photo shoot, or else my fingers would have been blue in the final shots). With no space to shoot indoors, I'm desperately looking for options that would preclude me from having to take off my coat outside for the sake of a picture.

Also, last week's post on how to wear your dresses in the wintertime turned out to be pretty popular, so I'm dedicating this next week to layering ideas for freezing mornings. Here I'm demonstrating another one of my favorite ways to build a winter outfit with dresses--a v-neck with a silk blouse peeking over the neckline, finished with tights, boots, and topped off with a checked scarf.

Damask print v neck Zara dress and bow necklace
Gold skinny bow necklace

Bow necklace: Forever21 (old), similar here from Amazon
Lipstick: Revlon balm stain 'Crush'
Dress: Zara (sold out in sale). Similar pattern one (no v-neck) here
Scarf: Marshall's, exact pattern from Charlotte Russe ($4.49!)
Camel coat: Thrifted, similar from ASOS (on sale $62)
Nails: Essie
Boots: Franco Sarto 'Trooper'

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Havard" Yard - Flared Trench Coat

Trench coat and plaid scarf
Flare trench coat and plaid scarf with black winter boots

Camel and pink - trench coat and pink crossbody
Salmon pink crossbody and trench coat
Classic combinations - Plaid scarf and trench coat with crossbody bag

I'm the kind of person that likes to know exactly how much time things take (if you ever need someone to drive a productive meeting in the shortest amount of time possible, I'm your girl). What surprised me about my morning commute to the law school was just how many tourists travel to Harvard (or as my friends and I call it, "HA-vard." Thus the reason for the post title "typo"). Daily, I would find my budgeted commute time thwarted by Asian parents using selfie-sticks in front of the gates, or a hoard of European travelers migrating in droves across the network of sidewalks. After I adapted to make time for these visitors, they no longer frustrated me. Instead, I've often helped translate for some of the Chinese tourists, and I'm grateful that their constant photography make my fashion shoots in the Yard seem normal!

Trench: Forever21 (seriously love the flared bottom. So flattering)
Pom pom sweater: Abercrombie, similar here from Forever21 ($17.80)
Scarf: JCP, same design here
Bag: Forever21 (sold out in color). Here is a similar crossbody in the same color
Boots: Franco Sarto

Pictures by a friend. Also, since Vita pointed it out, I thought I'd explain the post title "typo": my friends and I make fun of Harvard Law by pronouncing it pretentiously with the "r" as a silent letter. Say the name as snottily as you can, and you've got it!

Friday, January 16, 2015

How to Wear Dresses in Winter - Layering Dresses for the Cold

How to wear dresses in the winter time and layer dresses for cold weather

Step 1: Thermal long sleeve ($9.99) || Thermal pants || Step 2: Plaid shirt dress (on sale for $35) || The best fleece lined tights || Step 3: Thigh high boots ($34.98) || Green sweater || Step 4: Camel wrap coat || Gray bow gloves ($27)

In Texas, I could keep wearing dresses and skirts into February as long as I threw on a coat or a cardigan, but I'm quickly learning that Boston weather will not take so kindly to such flippant dressing. However, as a collector of dresses, I can't bear parting with half my closet for 4 more months, so I've adapted some layering tricks to wear dresses all winter long.

The idea isn't so crazy---after all, jeans are just made of cotton, and we go out into 32 degree weather with only jeans and boots on. By layering thermals, tights, and extra-long boots judiciously, I hope to keep my dresses for those days with lighter snow and wind. Here are a few tips on how to wear your dresses in the winter without freezing:

  • Tights over thermals: sure, it's a little bulkier than usual, but they will still fit into your boots. Two layers of fleece and cotton make a difference when the wind is blowing, trust me!
  • Tall, thigh-high boots prevent any frostiness from meeting your legs.
  • And if you add a long coat that meets your boots, your bottom half will be just as comfy as if you were wearing pants.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Advanced Print Mixing

How to mix florals and abstract prints
Floral and abstract swirl print mixing
Light blue bow bag purse
Gray thigh high boots

In order to graduate to "Advanced Print Mixing," every fashionista must first master the art of mixing "florals with stripes" and "stripes with plaid." The next step up is now mixing florals with abstract prints. When accessorizing a look that mixes two dissimilar prints, I love finishing the look by pulling colors from the prints themselves to use for the accessories: the light blue from the OBEY sweatshirt and the gray from the skirt provide cohesion for the busy prints. Then, to add the proverbial cherry on top, a swipe of a punchy, cream lipstick adds an unusual color without overwhelming the entire look.

Sweatshirt: OBEY. This season, they make a cool camo one 
Skirt (actually a dress): H&M. Same dress, different print here from H&M
Boots: Delia's 
Bag: gift from relative, similar here from Target ($26.99) or lighter color from Yoki ($34)
Lipstick: NYX 'Antwerp'

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Evening Dress for Day Time - Silver Sequin Maxi and Unicorn Beanie

Pink and electric blue unicorn beanie and bomber jacket
Silver sequin maxi gown with black converse and beanie
Pink beanie with blue unicorn
Dress down a silver sequin maxi dress with a bomber jacket and beanie
Turquoise evil eye necklace

Fashion magazines can be full of questionable advice, so I was skeptical when they recommended getting double-duty out of a ball gown or evening dress by wearing it during the day. However, I was surprised how easy it was to take the silver sequin maxi dress I wore for formal photos (see here) and make it more day-appropriate with a bomber jacket and some rocking accessories. The end result is pretty cool and street-chic. This fashion magazine tip gets my vote of approval. 

Dress: Forever 21 Metallic Maxi ($32.90)
Horn earring: F21, gold version from ASOS ($15.16)
Necklace: Love Culture (similar here for $12.79)
Beanie: Wet Seal, similar here from Etsy ($24.76)
Lipstick: MAC "Speed Dial"
Nail polish: OPI