Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Super-Villain Is Born: My Rejected Application from the Asos Internship Around the World

It seems that our culture has fallen deeply in love with the idea that villains are just misunderstood outcasts with tragic backstories (ex: Odin's rejection of Loki sparks his dark ambition, M's treatment of Raoul Silva initiates his revenge plot in Skyfall). We've even started granting super-villains their own stories so they can explain how they have been wronged (Wicked, Maleficent).

As a writer, I love the transition away from "oh, that guy's evil just because he's in a dark cape" to "this is how society creates its monsters." Not only does it make for a more nuanced story, but it also has real-world implications for how we treat each other. With all that being said, have you ever wondered what your super-villain backstory would be? What would make you finally snap and rampage into the night, spreading chaos?

A few weeks ago, I was rejected for ASOS's Internship Around the World---a chance to intern at their international offices in Shanghai and London---and, in a moment of whimsy, I imagined that this could be the spark for my own villainous transformation. I had worked hours on my application, which was supposed to be a "collage resume" of my academic achievements. I re-imagined my application as a high fashion magazine: the cover story would be on my past, I would serve as the models in the fashion section, and the haute couture portion of the magazine would showcase my designs for the Lunar New Year show.

Despite my best efforts, I did not make it to the next round of interviews. It was disappointing, especially because I had put so many Photoshop hours into the effort, but it was a great reminder that we don't always get what we want. However, if I suddenly start wearing all-black (a chic and villain-approved color) and heading an underground fashion empire aimed at undercutting ASOS's free shipping policy, you know what sparked the change. As villainous backstories go, mine has to be the most unique. I'd love for Anne Hathaway to play me in the movie ASOS Up Her Sleeve.

Take a peek into my application:

Yes, I interviewed myself for the cover story. Where's my Pulitzer for Editorial Writing?


  1. So sorry to hear you didn't get the internship, but something else amazing will definitely come your way because the application you created is amazing and so impressive! You are so creative and definitely have some amazing experience under your belt! (I realize I just said amazing a bunch of times, haha)

  2. Hi, Brittney! You are a very smart and strong girl, I felt through reading your absolutely gorgeous application, I do wish you won it, you definitely deserve it, but from this experience you have also gained something valuable to take on board, I am absolutely sure that you will achieve anything you want, sweetie <3333


  3. Wow, your application was amazing. So creative and full of imagination. I like your writing style too..it's nice to see a blog from not only a good subject perspective but from someone who can write well too! You have a new Bloglovin follower in me :) Danielle x

    frontière girl

  4. Your application is stunning! How on earth could they turn you down? Like really, how can an application be cooler than this?

  5. Wow, impressive! If you got turned down, I can't even imagine what the other applications must have been like. While we can't get everything we want, and it totally sucks to get rejected, those Photoshop hours can be chalked up to a great learning experience!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  6. This is awesome! Absolutely creative :)
    Good luck!!!!

    Btw, I saw your comment on my last post! I’m doing a giveaway so you can win of the jewelry featured on my post! :) I hope you can join!


  7. Your application is absolutely amazing! I'm going to be super cheesy and say when one door opens another one opens. Cheesy, but true! Keep working hard and creating and great things will happen for you.


  8. Uuuh, that's a pity, I love this mag spread CV! I think it really portrays you well and itlooks very professional yet it's funny and not too self-serious. Just take out the Asos and post it on your LinkedIn, I bet somebody will love it and make you an offer!

  9. this is AWESOME! I can't believe you didn't land it with this! you seriously have such a talent for stuff like this, and I loved reading your interview with yourself :) ha. I'm just about to make my first ever ASOS purchase because I won a giveaway! I've been overwhelmed because there are SO many good options.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  10. This is what you sent in for application to be an intern at ASOS? Did they ask for a magazine style application coz I would definitely choose you just for your creativity in featuring yourself in this manner. I love it! I could see how much hard work has been put behind the photoshop editing.

    Flipagram used to have many good music. Like really many! I guess they have to clamp down on these and the very last time I used the app in March, most of the music were gone. It was really difficult to find a suitable audio for my last one. Hehe... Looking forward to your IG follow! Will follow you back too!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière
    Jo's 2nd blog giveaway

  11. this was the rejected application? Well, they don't have class -_- everything was just stunning!


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